About Us

Modal Spark is a full service regional electrical, power line, and communications contractor headquartered in NZ.

Founded in 1911, the company has steadily grown into one of the largest electrical contractors in New Zealand. We have successfully expanded our market reach into the eastern section of the country from New Zealand to southern states where our progressive approach differentiates us from the competition.

As a diversified full service electrical contractor, Modal Spark provides comprehensive design-build, construction, service, maintenance, and emergency response services. We bring reliable electrical power, lighting and communications to facilities, structures and communities from a range of sources. Our dedicated service divisions cover all key areas of the industry from electrical construction, power generation, substations, and transmission/distribution to transportation, technical services, renewable energy, and communications.

Modal Spark is stable and reliable. We have over one hundred years of industry experience and today, our corporate bonding capacity ensures your projects will be fully backed, regardless of size.

We are recognized for our highly trained and experienced technicians, engineers and project managers as well as for our extensive modern fleet and tools. We are proud of our reputation for commitment, dependability and safe delivery of projects, on schedule and within budget.

Modal Spark fosters a corporate culture that promotes strategic planning and innovative thinking and where dedication to providing the highest quality of work and total commitment to our customers is priority one.
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